Laurence Henno

Jewellery designer and painter

“Art is the reflection of the human soul dazzled by the splendour of beauty”

(Victor Hugo)

As a child, Laurence Henno discovered the magic of oil painting at the Watermael-Boisfort Academy of Drawing, guided by the kindness of Roger Somville. A demanding canvas, but one that resonated deeply with her budding artistic soul.

After completing her art studies, Laurence followed the path that had always lit up her horizon: becoming a painter. Her passion for colour, nurtured by the support of her parents, led her to take a degree in illustration at Saint-Luc in Brussels in 1993. That same year, she won the Prix du Public Figures Futur in Montreuil, sealing her artistic destiny.

Laurence Henno’s creations, with their tireless quest for light, shades of colour, transparency and the play of shadows, have found their perfect setting in the pages of children’s books. From 1994 to 2006, she delighted readers around the world by illustrating nine albums, translated into several languages and published by the Musées Nationaux, Mijade and Artis-Historia. She has also lent her talent to a dozen children’s games books and illustrations for Milan Presse.

Alongside her work for children, Laurence Henno has exhibited her paintings, which celebrate nature, textures, volumes and, above all, light. His exhibitions have toured France (at the Musée de la Marine in Paris and the Galerie François Girodeau) and Belgium (at the Musée du Cinquantenaire, the Marine Gallery, the Musée du Careveld, etc.). Her talent was honoured by the Belgian Navy, which recognised her as an official painter.

Today, the artist continues to evolve, exploring new artistic dimensions, creating jewellery and creating majestic murals. From the soft tranquillity of a baby’s room to the imposing façade of a building, it sows touches of colour, even in hospitals. Her work reflects her love and passion for the harmony and beauty of nature, embodied in a wide range of jewellery, each piece a unique creation..